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 Nouvelles quetes de peches à Dalaran

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Féminin Nombre de messages : 1549
Serveur de jeu : Suramar
Guilde : Les Gardiens des Naarus
Nom perso : Beldaran
Race : Gnome
Métiers : Couture - Dépeçage
Orientation de jeu : PVE uniquement
Date d'inscription : 07/02/2007

Nouvelles quetes de peches à Dalaran Empty
MessageSujet: Nouvelles quetes de peches à Dalaran   Nouvelles quetes de peches à Dalaran Icon_minitimeLun 9 Mar - 19:20

5 nouvelles quetes vont etre ajoutées à Dalaran :

Citation :
Blood is Thicker

* What to catch: 5 Bloodtooth Frenzies.
* Where to catch it: Kill a beast in Borean Tundra. This will give a 3 minute debuff called "Animal Blood". Now jump into an open area of water. A Pool of Blood will appear, which you fish like any other pool. 1-3 Bloodtooth Frenzy will be caught from each cast.
* Skill required: 380 to cast, 475 to stop fish getting away.

Kill any creature shown as a beast ((on the tooltip)) to become covered in "Animal Blood". You then have 3 minutes to find open water and jump in.

It is important to jump into an open area of water, close enough to land to cast. If the pool appears somewhere you cannot fish, simply kill another beast, and try again.

Each Pool of Blood will remain for 3 minutes - plenty of time to catch 5 Bloodtooth Frenzies.

Citation :
Dangerously Delicious

* What to catch: 10 Terrorfish.
* Where to catch it: Wintergrasp. Approximately half of all catches will have a Terrorfish attached.
* Skill required: Unknown (no get-aways at 450 skill).

Wintergrasp is a contested zone, even where the factions are normally at peace ((PvE realms)). Fishing in Wintergrasp is indeed dangerous! Fish in-between battles to avoid most enemies. Battles occur about every 3 hours and last up to 30 minutes. The timer can ((with patch 3.1)) be seen on the map.

Your faction does not need to control Wintergrasp to complete this quest.

Citation :
The Ghostfish

* What to catch: Phantom Ghostfish. Once you catch the fish, eat it within 1 minute. You will turn invisible, and start seeing things...
* Where to catch it: Sholazar Basin (open water). The quest states River's Heart, but any water in Sholazar Basin seems to complete the quest.
* Skill required: 430 to cast, 525 to stop fish getting away.

At the time of writing, eating the fish causes you to see a white fog and the quest objective completes. A few seconds later, you return to the normal world.

Citation :
Jewel of the Sewers

* What to catch: Corroded Jewelry.
* Where to catch it: Dalaran's Underbelly (sewers).
* Skill required: 430 to cast, 525 to stop fish getting away.

Ensure you are fishing in the Underbelly (the sewers), not other parts of Dalaran.

Citation :
Monsterbelly Appetite

* What to catch: Bloated Monsterbelly. This contains a Severed Arm, which must be delivered to Olisarra the Kind (First Aid Trainer in Dalaran).
* Where to catch it: The Frozen Sea (open water).
* Skill required: 480 to cast, 575 to stop fish getting away.

The Frozen Sea surrounds the southern half of the continent of Northrend. The nearest part of The Frozen Sea to Dalaran is just to the south of Dragonblight. There are only a few places to stand, unless you can walk on water. Make sure your bobber lands in the area called "The Frozen Sea".

Récompenses :

Citation :
Each daily rewards one Bag of Fishing Treasures and 250 Kirin Tor reputation ((this is currently bugged in some cases, and shows a decrease - thanks Vesena)).

The Bag of Fishing Treasures is known to contain gold and some other items. So far, these rewards have been reported (but not all confirmed yet):

* Unusual Items (poles below):
o High Test Eternium Fishing Line (same as Extravaganza)
o Rigid Stormjewel - +20 Hit Rating, Yellow socket gem, Unique-equipped, Bind on Pickup.
o Sealed Vial of Poison - Begins a quest, delivered to The Black Market of Dalaran for 18 gold.
o Strand Crawler - Small crab-like mini-pet (illustrated right).
o Solid Stormjewel - +30 Stamina, Blue socket gem, Unique-equipped, Bind on Pickup.
o Tiny Titanium Lockbox - Requires 405 lockpicking. May contain gems, including Solid Stormjewel.
o Unusual Compass - Using it makes you face a random direction (video).
o Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat (same as Outland Daily)

* Common Items:
o Deviate Fish
o Elixir of Water Walking
o Glow Worm - +100 lure.
o Northsea Pearl
o Pygmy Oil
o Runic Mana Potion
o Siren's Tear

* Valuable Junk/Novelty Items:
o Battered Jungle Hat (looks like Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat).
o Diamond Tipped Cane
o Solid Gold Coin - 1 gold each (really).
o New Age Painting - 25 gold.
o Porcelain Bell - 100 gold.
o Tower Key - Over 16 gold.
o Whale Statue - 11 gold.

And fishing poles...

At least 2 fishing poles can be gained from the Bag of Fishing Treasures. These bind to the angler when picked up:

Bone Fishing Pole

* Bone Fishing Pole
* Skill bonus: +30
* Shadow Resistance: +40
* Minimum fishing skill required: 1

Jeweled Fishing Pole

* Jeweled Fishing Pole (illustrated right, thanks Henshin)
* Skill bonus: +30
* Minimum fishing skill required: 1
* "A Tiffany Cartier original."

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Nouvelles quetes de peches à Dalaran
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