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 Une nouvelle série de quête épique pour le démoniste

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Féminin Nombre de messages : 1549
Serveur de jeu : Suramar
Guilde : Les Gardiens des Naarus
Nom perso : Beldaran
Race : Gnome
Métiers : Couture - Dépeçage
Orientation de jeu : PVE uniquement
Date d'inscription : 07/02/2007

Une nouvelle série de quête épique pour le démoniste Empty
MessageSujet: Une nouvelle série de quête épique pour le démoniste   Une nouvelle série de quête épique pour le démoniste Icon_minitimeVen 19 Oct - 9:36

Il existe actuellement sur le PTR 5.1 une série de quête épique permettant aux démonistes de transformer l'effet visuel de tous leurs sorts en leur donnant un effet "corrompu" verdâtre.

En effet, une longue série de quête comprenant des dialogues avec ses propres pets, un mini scénario se déroulant au temple noir.
Au terme de ces quêtes, tous les sorts du démoniste verront leur effet visuel modifié pour coller plus à l'esprit "démoniste utilisant des sorts corrompus"

Citation :
5.1: Epic Warlock Quest Chain
Several interesting quest chains were datamined on the 5.1 PTR: today we'll take a look at an epic chain for Warlocks tied to the Council of the Black Harvest.

Based on The Codex of Xerrath, there's been a lot of speculation that at some point in MoP, Warlocks will be able to cosmetically alter their spells to have them appear a distinctive fel-green shade. When this first was datamined during MoP's beta, Blizzard released a blue post saying there were technical difficulties in allowing players the option to switch between green-colored and normal abilities, and that they wanted to implement this at a later point--with an epic feel.

With this new quest series, green fire may be more of a reality in 5.1. Here's the part that's the most convincing evidence:

An Unusual Tome: Speak with your demonic minion to determine the origins of The Codex of Xerrath. The Codex of Xerrath is made by fusing together Sealed Tome of the Lost Legion with Healthstone.
Reader for the Dead Tongue: Bring the codex to a Warlock Trainer in your capital city. The name of this book shares a name with spell The Codex of Xerrath, which says it "Corrupts all of your Warlock fire spells, infusing them with fel magic" and appears to apply a cosmetic aura to many Warlock abilities.
As a side note, the devs are clearly having a lot of fun with that spell tooltip--past versions have included "transforms the color of your Warlock fire spells mauve" and "transforms the color of your Warlock fire spells into a rainbow. Also, summons Unicorns."

Click the cut to read about all the quests in this series, the Warlock-only Black Temple event, and details about the Council of the Black Harvest.
5.1 Quest Chain

A Tale of Six Masters/ A Tale of Six Masters: The quest series begins by reading a book near warlock trainers in Stormwind and Orgrimmar that explains the recent events of the Council of the Black Harvest. We've copied the text in this book later in the blog. As a reward, you get a permanent copy of the letter: Legacy of the Masters (Part 1).
Enlistment Orders/ Enlistment Orders: Word has gotten out that the Council of the Black Harvest has come into great power, and you're trying to convince them to join your faction to assist in the Alliance/Horde conflict raging in Pandaria.
Hunt Helheim/ Slaughter Selenora: Both factions are racing against time, and it seems someone on the opposing side has valuable info about the Council of the Black Harvest. You're tasked with killing them and retrieving the correspondence.
Seeking the Soulstones: Read Jubeka's Journal and use the clues within to locate the four soulstone fragments. Clicking on these soulstones gives you greater insights into Jubeka's memories.
Hellfire Fragment
Netherstorm Fragment
Blade's Edge Fragment
Shadowmoon Fragment
Seek the Signal: Follow the soulstone to the gates of the Black Temple.
Infiltrating the Black Temple: Follow Kanrethad and Jubeka's trail into the Black Temple. At this point, it appears Warlocks can enter a special version of the Black Temple and complete the "Pursuing the Black Harvest" event, which we've described in the next section.
The Eye of the Naaru: Bring the The Eye of the Storm to Wrathion in the Tavern in the Mists. The Soulcore has transformed into a crystal, and Wrathion would be interested in seeing it.
Awaiting the Black Harvest: Wait for Wrathion to contact you. He's interested in checking out the Council of the Black Harvest further and will keep you informed in 5.2.

Black Temple: Pursuing the Black Harvest
Last week, we datamined a version of Black Temple that's classified as a scenario, but it seems it's a special Warlock-only area you'll go into as part of Infiltrating the Black Temple. Here's the quest steps involved:

Pursuing the Black Harvest

Stage 1 – Enter the Black Temple
Avoid the guards and enter the Sanctuary of Shadows.
Stage 2 – Search for Evidence of the Council's Presence
Find proof that the Council of the Black Harvest came to the temple.
Stage 3 – Follow Akama to the Shrine of Lost Souls
Stage 4 – Uncover the Council's Plan
Investigate the Reliquary of Souls.
Stage 5 – Defeat the Essence of Order
Claim the soul crystal left behind by the Council of the Black Harvest.
Stage 6 – Survive the Demonic Invasion
Fight off the demons unleashed by the Reliquary and return to Akama in the Halls of Anguish.
Stage 7 – Purge or Plunder
Choose to save Akama's men in the Halls of Anguish or plunder the Den of Mortal delights in the chaos.
Final Stage – Head to the Temple Summit
Take the Empowered Soulcore to the Temple Summit.

Council of the Black Harvest: Legacy of the Masters (Part 1)
Legacy of the Masters (Part 1), a book that surfaced on beta in Stormwind and Orgrimmar, gives some background on the Council of the Black Harvest. This explains how the Council of the Black Harvest was formed and their motivations behind investigating the Black Temple. With tensions high across so many factions, this council of Warlocks wanted to ensure that their order had enough power to weather the political tensions and eventually reign supreme.
The pages within contain the story of the six master warlock trainers who unlocked the secrets of the most destructive forces to ever threaten Azeroth.

This rare alliance resulted in the new magics which were unleashed to all Warlock sects after The Cataclysm.

In the wake of The Cataclysm, the rising tensions between The Horde and Alliance have driven the greatest heroes of Azeroth to train for war. Warriors have readied their war banners. The Death Knights of Acherus have learned to control the Undead and it is even said the mages are researching ways to undo time itself.

Word of these new threats compelled the Warlocks to action. Convening in shadows, a council of six fought about what must be done to ensure the supremacy of their order, after several nights of blame, bickering, and signed beareds, the human Warlock Kanrethad spoke out:

" The relentless darkness which bathed Azeroth has been pushed back. Cho'gall is slain and the remnants of the Twilight's Hammer cult have been scattered. Ragnaros is defeated and his armies forced back into the Firelands. Deathwing lies torn apart and his twilight drakes obliterated. However, the powers they commanded are not so easily forgotten... powers untapped and ripe for the taking."

"In fact, among us now stands several who have faced their power firsthand." He said, pointing at a hooded figure across the room. A deep, sinister laugh echoed through the room as his hood burst into flames and burned away to reveal the orc enchanted, Ritssyn.

"It is true, pink skin, I was there when the Firelord was vanquished. The intensity of his flame was unlike anything you can imagine." the burning glow of Ritssyn's eyes cast eerie shadows over his burn-scarred face and thick-tusked grin.

"Untrue." spat a sharp, feminine voice, Shinfel. A Blood Elf adorned with sharp spikes of twilight elementium glared across the table, "Until you've been a prisoner within your own mind you know nothing of horror." Shinfel's blood had been corrupted during the fight with Cho'gall and her arms were now covered in black marks left behind by the corruption that had erupted from her skin. The experience had only served to increase the intensity of her sadism. Shinfel continued, "Even the Firelord's flames were overshadowed by the raw chaos unleashed by the Destroyer." She paused a moment and glanced to a Worgen who remained eerily silent. Zinnin had been present when Deathing was unmade and had not spoken a word since. Zinnin's eyes narrowed for a moment, then snarled at Ritssyn.

Kanrethad stood up from the table and took a deep breath. "This is exactly why we are here. I have no love for any of you, but we each bore witness to pieces of even greater power. Imagine - if we fused the molten fury of the Firelands with the unstoppable chaos of Deathwing, even the powers of the burning legion could not hold a candle to our flames!"

Ritssyn kicked his boots upon the table and snickered. "And just who would do this? You?" he spat. "I think not. You haven't been seen in battle since the siege of the Black Temple. If it weren't for having shared the secrets of Illidan's transformation with this council, I would kill you just for having the audacity of summoning me."

Kanrethad's lips pursed for a moment, but he relaxed and continued. "No, the scope of this task exceeds the capabilities of any single member here. I propose this council split into pairs. Ritssyn and Zinnin would lead a group into Sulfuras. Similarly, Shinfel and Zelfrax would hunt down the remaining members of the Twilight's Hammer cult and ... persuade them to share what they learned."

A pock-faced Gnome applauded with mirthful glee. Kanrethad continued, "Then we return... one year from now and take the results of our expeditions back to our own sects. More powerful than we would have been alone."

Ritssyn frowned as he saw the greed drown out in the Human's words dance across the council's faces, "And what would keep us from simply killing our partner in their sleep once it was a success?"

Kanrethad's brow furrowed and he growled, "Which is why we swear that if any member of this council breaks the contract and fails to return or returns alone, the others shall strike them down and banish their soul forever. We either succeed together or die alone."

Ritssyn knew at that moment there was no turning back. To decline was to invite his own death, and Kanrethad had seen to that already. He could defeat the human singlehandedly, but against all five? No. Not now... but after learning the secrets of the destroyer that Zinnin held...

"Fine. I can play along with your fool's errand. But first I must know, where will you and that miserable Forsaken, Jubeka, be going?"

"Me?" spoke Kanrethad with a wicked grin, "Why I'm returning... to Outland."
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Une nouvelle série de quête épique pour le démoniste
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